Email Conversation #1


I haven't heard from you in a long time. Okay, I know two days isn't a long time but is so for me! Well, you must be busy with school and fitting in and all. I'm pretty sure you fit in quickly, with all the charisma and energy you have in you, everyone probably loves you. Tell me about your new friends in school and which 'clique' you're part of there. Ooh any hot guys?  : P Kidding. :-D [But really, if you've got a boyfriend or something, you have to tell me.]

School here is going fine, boring without your prescense. Honestly, it's as if someone's died. Our group is compeletely silent and emo all of a sudden. We all really miss you here. Brent and Cindy say 'hi'. They probably haven't emailed you at all since they're busy with exams, we all are.

Well, I have to go now. Woke up extra early this morning to email you since I don't have the time afterschool with my packed schedule *groans*. Do stay in touch.

Your awesomest friend ever!




Just read through your email and I'm sorry for not having sent you one earlier but like you thought, I am kinda busy here. School is a pain as for the usual reason; homework and exams. We had our midterms last week and oh god! My brain was close to bursting. That's kind of my 'excuse' for the moment though I do feel a bit guilty for not waking up at five in the morning to send you an email. *grins* You really did that for me? Wow, big sacrifice! Joking Liz. *sticks out tongue*

Tell Brent and Cindy I send them my love. The fact that our group has been dead for a while just because of me...I find that kind of sweet while at the same time feeling guilty. But hey, life goes on right? Besides, I'll make sure to visit during Christmas time. Best friends honor. :-)

Life is good here, starting to get the hang of things. School, other then being a huge pain in my butt, is actually kinda fun. People call me 'the walking enigma' as I don't fit in anywhere yet fit in everywhere. XD I know, that sounds weird. All the cliques accept me as a part of them but yet, I don't belong to any one in particular.

I've made a lot of friends here but the defenition of the word 'friend' in your perspective might differ the amount I have. I just know lots of people, I say hi to them in the hallways, make small talk but they're not exactly my best buds. Not like you, Brent and Cindy.

But...there is someone. *dun dun dun* *drumrolls* Lol, you're probably hanging off your seat to read the next paragraph about this dude.

All I'm going to say is his name is Roy and he's become somewhat...a best friend to me.

That is all.




The End

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