Dinner In The "White House"

Roy's eyes widened in surprise.

"Celeste, what are you doi-"

Before he could complete his sentence, Marissa threw her hands around Roy, taking him by even more surprise. She almost sounded like she was sobbing. He patted her on her back unsurely as he glanced at me, still looking surprised to see me in his doorstep.

"Oh Roy, I haven't seen you since you were twelve! You've grown up so much!" Marissa stepped back and beamed up at him. I could see that her eyes were teary though, oh my, mom was getting emotional.

"Ms. Cruz, you've grown up too," Roy answered back with a smile.

"As an adult, I have to admit that I'd take that as an insult," Marissa said with a grin. They both laughed as I continued staring at Roy unbelievably.

"Roy, this is my daughter Celeste. You've met her before, five years ago but I'm guessing you won't remember that."

"No we've met," I said, breaking in. Marissa turned to me, interested. "At school. He's my lab partner."

"Oh, that's great! Nice to know my daughter made a family friend before even knowing it herself."

"Ms. Cruz, why don't you come in?" Roy asked, stepping back to reveal the huge hall in front of us. Hanging from the cieling high above us was a chandelier which looked like it was made of diamonds. The golden like light illuminated the hallways. I'm starting to think that I really am in the white house.

Just as we stepped inside, I heard her say, "Roy dear, call me Marissa."


Dinner was..as normal as could be..which was not normal. Marissa and Leah [Roy's aunt who he was staying with] were talking away but the silence that reigned between Roy and I was endless. I still couldn't absorb the fact that it was his parents who had died. I just...did not expect it...

"Celeste is it?"

Leah's voice awakened me from my train of thoughts and I looked up at her, and nodded.

"Since both you and Roy are already done with dinner, why don't you go up to his room and "hang out"?"

My eyes flickered to Marissa's who nodded encouragingly. I got up from the chair slowly and followed Roy up the stairs which were made from what looked like pure marble. After a few minutes of climbing up the stairs, we approached a small hallway, with doors on both sides. Roy opened the one to the left. I walked into his room and could've almost gasped in shock.

The ceiling was painted in the color of a clear night sky with sparkling stars and a crescent shaped moon. The walls on either sides us were filled with paintings and portraits which I had a feeling were drawn by Roy himself. Tearing my eyes away from them, I looked up into his warm brown eyes. He gazed at me, expectantly, he knew I was going to question him.

"I thought you're parents were archaelogists?"

The End

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