Destiny of The Tribal Clan

Disease, starvation, famine, plagues, and bloodshed through hostilities of war. It all meant that many had been lost to the Underworld...

Disease, starvation, famine, plagues, and bloodshed through hostilities of war. It all meant that many had been lost to the Underworld. The Tribal Clan had lost so many in this manner, that now there were no more men and boys left. Only females remained.

A harsh reality, as without males, the Tribal Clan could no longer reproduce and replenish their population.

It would appear that the Goddess of Life had abandoned them and let them be claimed by the God of The Underworld.

The last of the males of the Tribal Clan was claimed by the Underworld and now it seemed their was no hope at all. How could life continue? It was more than 2 years since the last of the males had... died. No woman there had given birth to a son since that time. And now, it was clear that their would be no male heir. No one to continue the line.

Tears dropped down the face of one of the women, as she contemplated. Her eyesight had become blurred and vague due to the crying.

She wanted to find some kind of hope despite all that despair. She made her way through the sand towards the sacred ancestral house. There she saw four other women sitting there. She sat down with them. There was quiet for a while as they contemplated.

The sacred ancestral house, was a place where members of the tribe often used to come to honour their ancestors and to discuss issues of concern in times of need.

Yet, it was apparent that much hope was lost and there was a general atmosphere of losing faith. Only five women sat there, and even they were quiet. Not a sign of people ready to overcome adversity.

Soon, it was nightfall. And as the night grew darker, the women began to feel sleepier, and lay down in the sacred ancestral house. They fell asleep depsite the cold of the night.

The woman who had been the last to enter was also the last to fall asleep. Her name was Ninim Ardara.

Ninim Ardara fell deeply asleep, despite the shivering feeling of cold. She saw herself, and the other women. She saw the sacred ancestral house. She saw the desert and the homes. She saw the people inside the homes sleeping away from the cold and darkness of the night. She saw the sky. She saw the stars. And as she floated among them, she suddenly felt a burning sensation. A deep heat. A pure hotness.

She looked down towards the earth and into the sacred ancestral house. She saw where her sleeping body was laying. A burst of flame suddenly consumed it. It spread to the other women, consumed them, and in a split moment the sacred ancestral house was overcome by fire. The fire spread instantly across the desert and engulfed the homes and the women inside.

Ninim Ardara woke suddenly, feeling the intensity of the heat. She sat up and looked around the sacred ancestral house. The other women began to wake up. Ninim Ardara, was now assured about what needed to be done.

"Sisters of the Tribal Clan", she said. "I know now, what will save our people".

The other four women sat up straight suddenly looked at her attentive.

She continued, "We must perform a sacred ritual. One that we have never before performed. One that will save our people. And let their legacy live on for many years to come".

This caused the already attentive women to become even more alert, for they had not expected to hear such optimism and hope after such destruction and misery, said with such certitude.

Ninim Ardara explained her intentions for the ritual, and they then came out of the sacred ancestral house.

It was still very dark in the night. They, lead by Ninim Ardara, found a spot in the land, and began lighting a flame. They performed special chants and songs. Special dances and rhythmic beating of drums and playing of other instruments.

Soon the fire was quite large and felt intensely hot.

The ritual also became intense, then, out of the fire, emerged one, two, three, four, five men.

There were now five men who were members of The Tribal Clan. This is how their people continued on. This is how, the legacy continued to this day. Even through the darkest days, this fire burns... always.

The End

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