Miranda ran full speed ahead. Completing forgetting that she was a wolf. Nearing the vehicle, Miranda smelled gasoline. Oh no, it was worse than she thought. The car's left side was completely crushed. The front end smashed badly. If she didn't get the driver out soon, they both will die if the car goes off with a boom. Searching..she finds a man. Squeezed on the right with his left leg completely stuck. From the looks of it he was a goner. But then, she hears a soft moan..could he still be alive? Hope filled her heart. Maybe she can save him. But she has to hurry. Using her paws she wrecks the driver's for open..

Brian felt as though a train hit him. His left leg was scorching with pain..And it didn't help that he was losing blood. A lot of blood oozing downward. His head was pounding. He must have hit when he crashed. Damn it, he thought. What was in the middle of the road. And why? Why didn't his brakes work? He just had new ones placed in. Wait...did the mechanic give him false breaks? Why? What was the guy's name...he couldn't remember. He was stuck. Probably going to die, he thought. But then he heard a sound. Was the car crushing even more?

Miranda saw the injured leg and massive blood flow. She cringed at the horrible site. She had to get him out and now. Crawling in she inched her lean wolf body towards the man. He was still conscious. That was a good sign. Especially with his type of injury. Miranda takes his shirt and drags him towards her on an angle. Then stops and gently nudges his injured leg up onto the seat. Then continues to drag him out slowly..

Brian felt the soft fur. Was it a dog or wolf. He couldn't tell. But it wasn't eating him. So it had to be helping him. As he was being tugged out. Pain shot through him. Bit he grabbed onto the fur coat slid his body on top of the wolf. Next thing he know, the wolf was taking him away. Just as a noise explodes behind him. His car went up in flames. And with a load boom, the car explodes into pieces flying everywhere. A piece hit Miranda's fur. Burning her. Yelping in pain at the sudden injury she continues to run further into the woods. Carrying the man with her. Taking him to her cabin. His wounds needed treatment. 

Brian heard the wolf yelp in pain at something before he lost all consciousness..




The End

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