Surprise EncounterMature

Miranda, a young woman, who is a wolf at night and human by day will encounter a young man. One that risked his life to save her only moments before. Miranda has one choice she can save him by turning him into a wolf like herself. Or else he will die. Miranda struggles with making a decision. Will she save him before it's too late or will she regret not saving him.

Brian fumbled as he tried over and over again to stop his car from hitting something in the middle of the road. The one way street was slippery from the hard rain came down. Pouring onto her thick fur coat. Miranda felt soaked. She wanted to get home. Safe and dry. Nestled under her warm blankets, sipping coffee while reading one of her romance books. But here she was soaking wet in the middle of the road. The warmth of the paved road gave her some small comfort. Although not entirely a safe place to be.

Brian couldn't make out what was in the middle of the road. The hard rain was making it impossible to see. He used all his might clenching the steering wheel to avoid whatever was in the road. Miranda sensing the car, was paralyzed with fear. Her hear beating frantically inside her chest. Closing her eyes, she waited for impact. Nothing.. opening her eyes, Miranda sees the car crushed on e side of the road. Oh no, the driver must be hurt badly, she thought. Forgetting that she was in wolf form, Miranda ran full speed towards the car.

The End

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