I was about to take the step that would end this. Finally, just finish the little pile of ash and pain which had once been my Life.

I felt the air in my hair and the oxygen in my Lungs, the birds were singing and the leafs of the forest behind me rustling. Everything here was full of life, beating throbbing and oozing out of every pore; never once even contemplating to just stop and give up. Life was a fighter and with every time it backed down it just grew stronger.

Then I realised, there was no way I could just give up everything. Just leave everyone behind. Not now, not while the whole village was looking for a potential murder which was in fact not potential at all; it was me, in flesh and blood.

The feelings from the last hours and days crushed down on me forcing me to my knees. I raised my hands to the sky and cried. I cried form the bottom of my heart for everyone and thing that had been hurt during this ordeal called my life. The salty tears were running down my cheeks and collecting in my hands which lay there between my legs. I hunched over, sobbing and screaming out every ounce of pain and heartbroken guilt within me.

I felt better.

I knew what to do, no way back, no way forth if I don't do this.

So I simply got up, head held high, and walked briskly back into town.

The End

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