My feet felt numb when he started running towards the road. He heard people screaming, crying and mourning. He felt none of this truly, on the surface he was scared and insecure. WIthin him, though, he felt nothing but sorrow; for the wrong person. He felt respect for the driver, which was kneeling next to Jess attending to her wounds. I stepped forward gingerly

"Sir, is she ok?" The man turned around tears surrounding his old, craved face.

"Son, I hope and pray... For I am no doctor."

When the ambulance arrived a few minutes later, I backed away. I contemplated coming with her. My girlfriend, the girl I loved and wanted to spend my whole life with. I didn't, I stepped back and made my journey towards the outskirts of the deserted village; trying to convince my mashed up brain that it had all been a dream and that I'd wakeup and be normal again, not digested and spat out by guilt.

The trees put their welcoming arms of shade around my slacking shoulders as I sat down on the warm, dry summer ground. I sighed pulled my hand through my hair and thought. I just thought about what had happened and how I was supposed to live on having practically killed two people.

I looked up and started walking towards the near cliff. I stood at the edge and started breathing in the air. The fresh air of freedom and flight, innocen and no regret. The birds flew free, tumbling through the streams of air Up and Down, Up and Dow. I wanted to be one of them, at least for two seconds, be them. Feel free. Know that when my body should drop to the floor at the end that I would have live properly for at least those three seconds.

So I stepped back. Breathed.

One though to my Family.

A kiss for Jessica.

And an "I see you soon.", for Cassandra.


The End

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