The shadow of the last corner was just right for my current state of mind. Dark. All I could feel was pannic and pain, pain about what had happened to this poor girl and panic mainly about what was going to happen to me? When the policemen opened his mouth for the first time, I knew, I had lost a game that had not yet started properly.

"Cassandra Pamela Pickering" - he boomed this name with an authority that could have brought heaven itself to the bitter acknowledging of truth.

It was this name, this name only, that I had wiped of the surface of the earth with my own cruel hands. I looked down at them, rubbing them against each other furiously - the policeman was still babbeling on - as I remembered MacBeth, Act 5 Scene 1:

Here's the smell of the blood still: all the
    perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little

Indeed no perfume in the whole world shall ever sweetne the bloody smell of this damned hand again. I rubbed them quicker and as I grunted in rustration and sadness, I realised where I actually was. The Policeman was looking at me, almost taking in my features, I awaited a telling off, but all he did was continue with more precaution and a slightly more cautious attitude.

I had taken the back exit, I couldn't take that man one more time, and went to meet my Jessy. She sat on the wall platting her blonde hair absent mindetly.

"Hey Jess, hows it going?" I asked non-chalantly only to get an emotional answer

"I am ready. Your House, now." Her eyes were firmly bound to my face as she got up gracefully took my hand and kissed me, passionately.

"Jessy...." I tried

"Babe...Jess --- JESSICA!" I pushed her away, requiring some will power. I was ready, I had waited for this. Although I was  more than pleased about this I couldn't, there was Cassandra - and I had to sort that out first. So I made it worse.

"Jessica, love, I have had some time to think lately and -"

"I know I had you waiting a little to long, but I am ready now." She said this and stepped one step closer, more confident. :

"And I got a suprise..." She winked

God this was much to difficult: " Look Jess, I had some stuff happen and - for the moment- I think it would be better to go seperate ways, until I sort myself out"

Jessica Vultra looked at me tears forming in her big green eyes and tousling her hair. She gave me one more soreful look, only to then turn around and run.

 She should not have crossed the road, she should have waited. She should have waited, checked and then walked over. She should have, but she didn’t. When she ran with tears in her eyes the Ford hit her, and she took of for a graceful last flight. She hit head first.

The End

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