Why not?

"Why...?" Keeley asks.

"Why not?" I tell him. "This way your father can't attack until I allow them to wake up"

"But.... I..... That's actually a good Idea" He mutters. I smile at him and look around.

"Now to wondering what to do with my father?" I mutter. "Sorry but I'm not kicking him in the head"

"I'm actually surprised how good you are" Keeley mutters looking around again.

"I just used my training and the spir-"  I gasp as another vision takes my eyesight.

My father....... Keeley's father, Both dead.

I see Keeley worried face and notice he's holding me up by the shoulders.

"Their gonna kill each other" I mutter the words and I watch Keeleys face go scared.

The End

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