Bonded for life

"I did" I mutter.

"Oh, Ellipsis you bonded yourself with a spirit" Keeley says looking at me sadly.

I nod and he sighs. I see how tired he is and now I've bonded I don't need to sleep but I do feel emotionally tired.

"You need to sleep Keeley" I mutter. He looks at me and suddenly pulls me into his arms forcing his lips on mine. I feel weak as he kisses me and just gives in to it.

Then I hear running. I jump up and hide back in the wall. Keeley stands up and turns to face the fairies approaching.

"Are you okay?" one of them asks

"Just hit my head" Keeley says. "What is it?"

"The men heared voices we were coming to check"

"Everythings fine. Now leave"  Keeley shouts sounding like a prince for the first time. I smile as I watch them leave.

Keeley turns and I step out resuming where we left off.

The End

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