Please don't say....

"Okay....." I murmur. I look at my skin which has taken on a spakling against the sun and my eyes are now nothing but white light, they glow softly allowing me to see everything in a different perspective.

I hear the flutter of wings and run to hide behind a rock watching through it. Keeley lands at the edge of the cave and walks in. His breathing is heavy and his hair is matted with sweat.

I want to go out and hug him but I stop myself when I hear another set of wings. A very muscular fairy lands and walks into the cave. Keeley turns to face him and I notice the fairy has a large old battle scare on his left cheek.

"Everyone is coming here to rest for the night your highness" The fairy says bowing. I curse in my head.

"Of corse, Rouk" Keeley says nodding and I watch the large fairy exit the cave with a bow. I watch Keeley go and lean by a wall.

"Now, this is problamatic" I hiss. Then regret it as Keeley is suddenly on his feet dagger out and advancing on the rock. I jump up and Keeley stares at me shocked.

"Ellipsis...... you eyes" he mutters. I turn on my heels and sprit futher into the cave taking the tunels dug by the dwarf who have long since gone.

"Wait... Ellipsis" I hear Keeley run after me and then I know what I should do. I turn y bbody spirit and run straight into a wall turning to watch Keeley stop at the wall shock.

Then he gasps. "Ellipsis please tell me you didn't..." he mutter sadly.

"One as helpless shall not remain it" I say and I'm shocked at how I use a new way to speak than I ever did before.

Keeley groans then slumps to the floor. I poke my head out and look at him. "I'm waiting here till you come out and speak to me" he says seriously.

"Sleep is inevitable"

The End

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