"Set up that Canon! Use everything we've got!"

It's two days since I last saw Ellipsis. I don't know where she is, but maybe it's better that way. My father shouts at the other fairies getting the weapons ready. We stand on the field just before the forest. My dad is making sure our weapons work before we traverse the forest. I have been assigned Arrow master. I must lead the other fairies into the aerial battle.

"Father, must we do this?" I ask him as he rearranges the line-up.

"My son, you know this is in your best interest. If we conquer the stupid humans land, you will be able to rule over the entire planet of Geopet! Wouldn't that be wonderful?" My father practically vibrates with anticipation. He has always loved war.

"Yes, of course father, but why not buy it?"

"Stupid boy, we cannot buy it! They do not accept it," my father is angry now, and I know not to pester him anymore. I go and sit on a rock near the entrance to the forest, waiting for this idiocy to begin. Finally, we are ready. I sigh heavily, hoping Ellipsis is under close watch.

"Now men, TO WAR!"

The End

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