That was no dream

"Keeley" I murmur. "Keeley" I bolt upright in my bed and scan the room.

"Wait, I'm back" I whisper. Tia comes in through the door. "Tia, where's Keeley?" I say it deperately.

"Whose Keeley?" Tia says placing a tray in my lap then travelling to my wardrobe. My heart deflates.

"But... we were.... I went...." I stutter

"Now, now Princess I'm sure it was a dream" Tia says laying out my dress on a chair and disapeering through the door.

Was it a dream? No it couldn't have been I still feel his soft hands pulling my close. I turn and look out at the forest. It's the next day...... No!

I jump out of bed and chose some different clothes from my wardrobe. A t-shirt, jeans and my boots, which still have traces of mud of the forest on. Small foul there Tia.

I run out on to the balcony and for the secound time analyze the drop. I hate height's but theis is different. I slip over the side and hit the floor my feet just keeping me standing.

I take of at a run and hear guard voices behind me. Oh no, this time I've been caught and I know why? Dad's heightens security and that means no chance of leaving the castle.

I hear Tia shout my name but don't stop. How dare they both? How dare they?

But even I don't know where I'm heading? Not the forest and I'm certainly not staying here. I come out on the plain and continue across it heading in the direction of the mountains.

The End

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