Final Kiss

I hold Ellipsis carefully in my arms. She seems so fragile that I don't want to squeeze too hard. We near the edge of the forest now, though I think it better to not mention it. I look at Tia, and it seems that she's thinking the same thing. She looks straight ahead and it seems as though she's whispering to herself, though I hear no sound. Ellipsis' arms feel warm around my neck and I can feel her every breath, confirming that she still lives even though her eyes are closed. She's sleeping.

We walk further and Tia looks up at me now.

"Don't wake her up when we get there, it's only a couple of minutes away now, and we don't need a big scene," she whispers so only I can hear.

"Of course," I say.

I can see the blue sky through the trees ahead now. When we break into the open field, Tia motions for me to lay Ellipsis down a little ways from the forest.

"I'll tell her she was dreaming so that she doesn't realize that she saw you, it will keep her safer,"

"I know," I say, "I wish it didn't have to be this way. You know the war will be starting soon. I have to help my father, or he will be suspicious,"

"Of course," she answers solemnly.

I lay Ellipsis down slowly, brushing her hair away from her face. I lean down and kiss her, savouring what will most likely be our last.

"Keep her safe brave Tia," I say to her as she sits down beside Ellipsis.

"See ya Keeley," I stand up and let my wings billow out beside me. I lift into the air and wave once to Tia before flying away back to my castle. On the way back, I think of the kindness shown by Tia. Surely the Human Kingdom has done nothing to us. When I return to the castle, I retire to my room for the night, knowing that tomorrow the war begins.

The End

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