Can't walk

Okay the first time I flew with Keeley was okay, but this time not so much. We landed just as Tia reached the bottom. Keeley let me go and I fall to the floor. My legs won't move and I look at Tia then Keeley.

" that.....again!" I stutter. Keeley offers a hand and I take it allowing him to pull me to my feet. But this time when I'm about to fall he catches me. "Ellipsis walk properly" Tia says angrily.

"I....would.....if I could" I stutter back. She kneels down and checks my legs then stand up angry. "Seems like we are gonna have to carry you" she says. I then feel Keeley lift me up and holds me against his chest like a baby.

Even though it makes me feel small I kind of enjoy it as he begins to stride down the split. Hmm, this might be okay after all.

The End

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