The Split

"We've gone through this before Ellipsis" Tia moans. Keeley looks at my and I begin nervously playing with my hair. Keeley shakes his head.

"Ellipsis, your in love with a fairy and still afraid of heights" Tia says hands on hips. I shiver looking down the steep cliff climb. I step back and shake my head furiously.

"I want to go the long way" I say shivering. I know the long way it avoids the  split in the land but....

"It takes four days" Tia shouts finishing my thoughts. I pout and step futher back.

"Not budging" I shout.

"You sweared to do what I say" Tia says smugly.

"That" I say pointing at the split. "is scary and also Keeley can't go down there"

Keeley looks at me confused. "Dwafen realm is on my fathers side" I explain. His mouth forms a ohhh silently. Tia sighs.

"I give two choices" she says holding up her fingers. "Climb or flight"

"Flight" I immediatly say.

"What?!?" she shouts shocked.

"I trust him more that then climbing" I say stepping closer to Keeley. Tia sighs and looks back at me.

"Fine, meet you on the other side" she mutter turning to climb.

The End

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