Curses run through my head, all directed at Tia. Why must she insult me infront of Ellipsis? Just as I'd finally found her again, fantastic.

"So, Ellipsis, why will you be grounded if you go back home?" I ask.

"My father wants me to leave the lands because of the war. He wants me to be safe too, and he can only see  one way of keeping me safe," Ellipsis turns and looks at me. "But then again, I can only see one way as well," She quickly turns back o walking with Tia as I walk behind them, but she knows that I heard her. I smile to myself and feel like dancing, although I don't think that would be quite appropriate.

Tia takes a sharp turn off of the trail and says the it is a short cut. I trust her, but soon see that I am mistaken. Tia stops sharply and Ellipsis doesn't see her stop. I watch as she slides a little and grabs onto the liff edge Tia had stopped in front of.

"No!" I yell, grabbing at Ellipsis' arm and yanking her back up, safe into my arms. She's crying a little bit, a couple tears flow down her cheeks and onto my bare chest. "Shh, it's ok," I say, kissing her forehead. When she says she's ready, I set her back down on the ground. She smiles at me and I face her and Tia.

"Ok, we have to get down there. So I'll carry both of you," Tia looks at me oddly, "Come on, you can go first,"

"No." she says certain, I don't think I can make her budge.

"Why not?"

"I-I'm afraid of heights," she whispers.

The End

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