"Tia, please put me down" I moan loudly hoping Keeley will hear it and fly back down.

"No, I can't trust you" Tia says tighting her grip on my waist. I moan and hear Keeley fly down to come at Tia side.

"I know we could make a bargain" he says. I look at him angrily as he flies lazily.

"What do you suppose we offer her? Something that will keep her heading home" Tia says looking at him. He smiles and I just turn my head away. He begins to laugh again and I blush bright red. His laugh is like bells and I can't help it when my heart flutters to it.

"If she does what she's told, I'll stay, if she doesn't I'll leave" he says shrugging and flying on his back.

"That's not fair" I moan.

"Corse it is, I want you safe Ellipsis" he says my heart begins to race. "And if getting you grounded is the only way, well..."

I look at him all happiness from the first comment gone. Why of all the thing.... I sigh. "Fine" I grumble.

"Swear" Tia demands. I flinch and see Keeleys shocked face at Tia's strictness.

"Fine I swear to do as you say" I mutter. Then Tia finally lowers me to my feet.

"It's a mile walk, wing boy here took you pretty deep" Tia says insulting Keeley once again.

The End

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