Put me down!

"I'm not going" I shriek. "You both understand I'll be locked up until I die if I go back. Tia and Keeley look at each other then at me. "Yeah" they say at the same time.

"You'll be out of harms way" Keeley's says taking my hand. I yank it away.

"But both of you will be fighting" I say angry.

"Yeah, problem with you is you seem attracted to danger" Tia says.

"Hey" Keeley shouts hearing the insult. "You either come or I'll force you" she says

"Yeah how?" I shout. She walks up picks me up and throws me over her shoulder. I cry as she turns and heads for the forest. Keeley follows ruffling his hair clearly wanting to laugh from the large smile on his face.

"This is not funny" I shout my voice sounding like an angry childs.

"It is from where I'm seeing it" he says laughing. We enter the shadow of the forest and begin the jorney back to the forest. Err, I'll get her back for this. Just cause I'm small.

The End

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