I look up at the nights sky. I can't believe it. I've been with this guy only a few minutes before we had our first kiss. Then where did that bravery come from. I just grabbed him. Although it really did feel good. I sigh.

Fairies are naturally born cold blooded to stay alive in the forest. I really want him back here so I hold him close and warm his skin so it shines. That's what their skin does see when it get warm it begins to glow. Although most never discover it. Bot since the war started I sigh and jump down off the rock.

"Oh, Tia what am I doing?" I whisper.

"Thats what I'd like to know" she says stepping out from the trees. I shriek and jump back.

"T-T-Tia what a-are you doing h-here?" I begin mummbling nervously. She folds her arms across her chest, lets her head drop eyes closed and begins to shake her head.

"I'm allowed in the forest" she says looking up. "Elven land is linked to the fairy folks remember. Elves live in trees"

"Oh yeah it's just.... uh..."

"Just what?" she shouts at me. "You gone completely crazy over the fairy Prince that your risking your life. You're gonna get yourself killed"

"He's the one who got me out of the castle" I mutter keeping my head down. I feel embarassed and start shuffling my foot along the floor.

"Hey look here he comes?" she says. I look up and there he is flying down to land pefectly on the rock.

The End

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