The Lake

"Shh!" I feel a giggle rise in my throat and I smile as Ellipsis wraps her arms around my neck and shrinks away from the ground. "They'll hear you!"

"Huh? Who will he-" I remove one of my hands and place a finger on her lips, pursing my lips together as if to say "Don't Speak,".

I remove my finger and I can feel a slight shiver tickle her back. I laugh now, and she shoots me a look that says "You hypocrite!". I shut my lips as to no laugh again, but they fail me and a small giggle escapes. She crosses her arms over her chest and turns away from me, as if she were a small 4 year old. This time, the giggle catches in my throat, but she need not know that. When we finally reach the lake, I set her down and she walks off to sit on a large rock.

"Ellipsis," I say, walking over to her. She's almost as tall as me when she sits on the rock. "Please, look at me," She turns her neck slowly around, her beautiful blue eyes staring into mine, though it feels like she's searching my soul. "We needed to leave, the guards were coming to take you," I lie, all I truthfully wanted was for her to be safe. "You have to stay here for now, no one knows of this place. Only I do, so only I will be able to find you,"

I look into her eyes as a tear comes up in the eye. She looked at me, raised her hand and placed her hand on my cheek. I cover it with my and close my eyes, pushing my fac into her hand. "You're warm," I say, moving my head so that my lips are at her hand as I kiss her palm.

"I will come back, but they can't know that I've gone," I say, "See you soon Ellipsis,"  I smile releasing her hand and turn to leave but she grabs my wrist first. She wraps her arms easily around my neck, because we are now the same height, placing her lips upon mine. Now it's my turn to shiver. When she leans back and smiles, resting her forehead on mine, she whispers "See you Keeley,". I smile opening my eyes and stealing one more quick kiss before flying up above her.

"I will come back," I yell, then fly off towards my home. No, the castle.

The End

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