I feel myself hit the floor and look up to see Keeley's eyes full of shock. He heard it just like I and he dropped me!

I jump to my feet and brush down my trousers. I hardly ever wear a dress, they are hard to run in. I don't care if my father wants me to wear one. I look at Keeley but now notice he's on the other side of the room leaning against the wall. He tall and I feel slight jelousy. I've never been tall, ever in my life. I walk over to him and caress his cheek with my hand.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

"I'm fine" he mutters standing up. Actually his full height is just over average for his age but it's still a bit scary. Well, of corse it is I'm really small. "You should run Ellipsis" he mutters removing my hand from his cheek and holding it gently in his.

"No, I'm staying if I leave, I'll be grounded for life" I whisper.

"It wasn't a choice" He then spins me round pulls my into his arms, holding me like a baby, and runs out the window taking off at the last secound.


The End

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