"What are you doing Ellipsis!? Are you absolutely mad?" My heart plays in my chest, trying to decide whether it should leap for joy that she is here, or whether it should be terrified that she is here. "We are at war, if you would've, if I hadn't, Uh!" I scream.

Ellipsis sits in a chair in the corner of my room, looking at her hands.

"Why are you here?" I cross the room in one bound and am kneeling in front of her, my hand under her chin lifting her face so that she looks at me.

"I came, I needed to see you," she whispers, "You'd said you wouldn't forget me Keeley,"

My heart stops playing. My name from her lips sends chills down my back. It truly is beautiful when she says it, it flows.

"I haven't," I say, think what an understatement that is, "You saw me the other day, did you not?"

"Yes," she says, lifting her head from my hand and staring into my eyes. "But you left, I thought you hadn't wanted me to see you, or . . . or that you were just a daydream," I watch as a single tear falls out of her eye, down her cheek and onto the floor. The sound it makes echos in my head, I made her shed that tear.

"Ellipsi, listen," I say, trying to bring some sense into her, "You have to go home, whatever you came for, it can't be so important that you would risk your life," I stand up and walk over to the window, "I am not worth you life," I say.

I could hear her gasp. "Keeley, ever since that day, I've never thought of anyone but you. You terrorize my every thought, why?"

I turn, certain that a look of confusion lays upon my face. "As do you," I say, "I dream of you, the same  dream. I think of you, you terrorize me, as you said," I smile and laugh a little. i move closer to her, taking her hand. I bring it to my lips and kiss it delicately. I feel her shiver beneath my lips, and I shiver in the same way. She removes her hand from my grasp and tries to reach for my neck. Knowing what she wants, I lift her up in my arms and smile at her before kissing her. As our lips meet my mind is filled with that same word


The End

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