I sigh. This is ever going to go perfectly right, or I'm going to get grounded for the rest of my life. I look at the floor, the line. The soft green grass against the earthy ground of the fairy realm. I look up and see them begin to appear. I lift up my leg.

"Be gentle" I whisper then put my foot down. They take my hand and pull me fully over tying my hands with rope behind my back. Comfortable but not enough room to excape. Oh, well to late to turn back.

The steer me towards the place and I look up. There he is staring at me shocked. The question Why? written all over his face.

I smile apoligetically and find myself led into the palace. I'm taken before the king were they make me kneel. I look up at him.

"Well, this is unexpected you come on your own terms. You know we're at war right?" The fairy king mutters down at me from his throne. His hair is oak brown, his eyes golden but not as bright as Keeley's. I hear a door open and he walks in.

"Ahh, son you should meet our guest" the fairy king says loudly.

"If she's tied I would hardly call her a guest" Keeley mutters looking at me painfully.

"Hmm, quite so.. I'm putting her under your watch" the fairy kings says. "Untie her"

The ropes are remove and I stand rubbing my wrists a bit. Keeley turn on his heels and I follow him. He enters a room, pressumably his room and turns on me.

"What are you doing Ellipsis?" he shouts just as the doors close.

The End

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