My heart flutters when I watch him spread his wings the fly away. Of corse hes going home. I shake my head trying to throw thoughts of him out of my head but it's no use. He had to have heard me, fairies hearing is way stronger.

Why did he leave though? A tear falls down my cheek and I wipe it away a bit shocked. Why am I crying? I've only met him once before well alone that is. There was that times I saw him at the meeting before the war started and that was only a peek. He clearly hadn't seen me then. I begin to walk my feet feeling heavier than before.

I head toward the doors of the castle which are opened for me by the guards. "Thank you" I mutter nodding politely. I head toward the main chamber, where I know father is waiting. I won't leave here, No matter what he says.

I enter the guards holding the doors wide open. Bright light hide my vision till it fades. "Ellipsis" My father says. I curtsy before standing up and coming closer. The main chamber is made of dimond glass. It's a dome in the centre of the castle. Impenitrable.

"I know what you want father but the answers, No" I say strongly holding my head high. He shakes his head.

"Don't be stubborn, Ellipsis" he mutters. "The wars getting violent and politics is failing between the races"

"I still won't go" I say turning and leaving not wanting to argue further. I know he'll respect my desision no matter how dumb he thinks it is.

I go to my room and go to the balconey. "Keeley" I murmur looking at the forest, the fairies land. I wish he would hear me.

The End

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