Lost Memories

"Keeley," I more like felt her whisper the words before I heard them. Every fairies hearing is heightened, so when she said this, it felt as if she was whispering it in my ear. Three-hundred feet is nothing for my ears. I smile and fly away again, all I wanted to do was see her.

When I finally get back to my home, I lie in my bed. Mother will call me for dinner soon, but I don't care. My head is occupied with other things. I replay the motion of her ruby red lips as they formed my name "Keeley,". It sounded so beautiful when she said it. For seven long years this girl has haunted my thoughts. No, haunted makes it sound like a bad thing.

I knew her right away as I'd flown over the human's castle. Her beautiful hair had almost made me fall out of the sky again. It looked so soft, that I'd dreamed of stroking it. I sit up in my bed and take off my armor, revealing my bare chest but quickly slipping under the covers. I feel cold all of a sudden.

She could fix that. Ellipsis. Her grasp would warm me. I think, just before I drift off for a nap.

The End

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