Seven years Later....

My eye sight stays straight and I release the arrow. "Yes" I shout punching the air. "You see that Tia?" I say turning to my friend. Her hair is a light brown and her eyes are purple. Shes a Elf you see and my best friend.

"Excellent shot, Ellipsis" she says smiling at me. I pass my bow to the instructer and roll my shoulders getting them loose and free. "I have to go Tia" I say, looking unhappily at my friend.

"That's okay, I'll see you at afternoon meal" she says smiling. I smile back up at her which I always have to do since I'm the height of a 11 year old (not my age I'm seventeen) and possibly always will be. I sigh and wave as I head of towards the castles.

Then I see it a winged warrior watching like a hawk. His eyes shine gold and recognition is plain on his face. I've seen him before but when?

My heart begins to race. He's wearing armor but not any armor the armor of royalty for the fairy folk. Then it hits me, this is the prince.

"Keeley" I whisper.

The End

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