"YES!" I cry as I swoop through the perfectly blue sky. I look up at the sun and imagine my self flying off to it . . . wouldn't that be wonderful.

As I look down at the green grass below, the sun catches off of silver hair and it blinds me. I stop flying and tumble towards the ground. My head throbs as it smacks the dirt and I hear my wings settle  so that they don't get ruined. What was that damn shine!

My small weak eyes close. I do not feel like Keeley, Prince of the Fairies of Geopet. Instead, I feel like a rat, feeble and weak. Then again, I can't be so hard on myself, I'm only 11.

I feel warm hands caress my bare chest and grab my arms as something shakes me.

"Hello? Hello?" the femal voice rings through the air like bells. My eyes flutter and then open, and infront of them is a gaspingly beautiful human girl. Her hair, I realize, is what shot me out of the sky! It's silver and shimmers in the sun. My brown hair would seem dull next to it.

"Uh," I groan, sitting up, "Who are you?" I ask, my childish voice betraying my warrior heart.

"Ellipsis, princess of Humans, and you?" the girl curtsies and giggles. She seems to be my same age.

I relax a little, seeing that this girl is not foe, but friend.

"Keeley. Why are you here?" I demand.

"It's my field, you were flying over human territory. You're just outside the castle," she looks at me as I try to stand up. I feel my wings, and wince when I sense one of them is damaged. "Are you alright?"

"Uh," I turn around, trying to see my wing,"I think so. Nothing a little ambrosia won't fix. Do you have some?"

The girl, who still seems beautiful to me even though she is human, pulls out a small bottle and offers me some to drink. I greedily take it and gulp down 3 swallows, and more and I'd die.

"Thank you," I say already feeling the affects. I lift off the ground preparing to fly home, "Good-Bye Ellipsis. I will not forget you friend,"

I fly off once again into the blue sky and head for home. The entire way, the girls pretty face floods my vision, and I can't help but smile.

The End

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