The planet of Geopet. Is a beautiful place, where the inhabitance live naturally.
But a war is approaching and two children of different races need to fight against it. To save the one thing they hold dear. Each Other.

I push back my silver hair and kneal down to smell the flowers.

My names Ellipsis and I live on the planet Geopet. I'm the daughter of Queen Pandora and King Falcon of the human race on this planet. I'm there only child. My hair is silver and all riglets that finish at my hips. My eyes are a pure blue and I'm small for my age which is ten.

I hear a crash behind me and jump up spining round. A boy lies unconsious in the flowers behind me. I run over and sit by his side. He's a fairy, and a beautiful one at that. I reach out and touch his face which is soft. His hair is cut short and his eyes are closed. He's tall but isn't fully matured probably my age if I had to say.

He's still alive, I wonder what made him fall? I look up and see there is no cloud in the sky. I frown looking back down at the boy only to find his eyes open and shining.

The End

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