Chapter 4 (part 3)

My instincts battled with my reasoning as I was forced to face this intruder. I would have usually clobbered any stranger who touched me without a reason but I couldn’t show my enhanced strength in front of someone who knew me. Angus held me by the top part of my arm and was grinning broadly.

“One two three manhunt!” he whispered in a threatening manner. I tried to fight him weakly but he wouldn’t let go. I started to pull away stronger but he twisted us round and pushed me against the wall.

“Hey! No need to leave so fast,” he murmured roughly in what he thought was an alluring voice. He tried to stroke my neck with his free hand but I pulled away. The sickly sweet scent was radiating off of him and I almost gagged on it. The hand that held me was strong as marble and I couldn’t break away. I was fighting hard to keep in control of myself.

While I panicked, he unbuttoned my scout jacket and pulled up my brown t-shirt. I struggled to no avail as he moved his hand up and started to pull down my bra strap.

Suddenly, a hand appeared on Angus’ left shoulder. He turned sharply and...hissed?

A voice I recognised growled behind him. “Get off her Angus.”

He looked disappointed but embarrassed at being caught so he stepped slowly to the side and, with a glare over his shoulder, he swaggered round the building.

The End

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