Chapter 4 (part 2)


At once, most of wolf patrol shot out the door, leaving the others to keep up with us. The cold air hit my face as I launched out into the night; I saw Regan and Jazz sprinting towards the tennis courts where they would probably climb the iron fencing and perch there. Sam had gone before I could see where he went so that left me on my own. Swerving left, I dashed round the hall towards a bank of trees that marked the edge of the woods which stood at the end the Casa Lobo’s garden.

I jumped into the highest tree, an old willow that draped its branches onto the hall’s roof. There is where I waited. In the dim light from the nearby streetlights, I could make out the silhouettes of Stuart and Jazz on the other side of the field from me, perching on the iron fencing. I couldn’t see Sam, but I knew he was hidden in a bush near to the tennis court. He could be as invisible and quiet as the wind when he wanted to so he would have no trouble hiding anywhere.

Suddenly, I heard shouting and cheers as the hunters were released. I saw Oli bound from one end of the field to the other two times quicker than the others and he promptly caught Sam.

My jaw hung open and I muttered to myself, “Wow, he’s amazing!”

Some Cobra hunters walked beneath my tree and tried to look for more hiders. An oddly sweet scent wafted from bellow me and I held my nose. My enhanced sense of smell could easily pick up this abnormal stench and it was disgusting.

They started to yell which told me some unlucky kid had hidden behind the trunk of a small oak tree that stood next to my willow. A procession appeared bellow me carrying a squirming Bulldog boy whose name I couldn’t remember. I chuckled to myself and climbed silently down the tree.

By the time I reached the ground, the Cobras had taken their captive back to the scout hall and the immediate area around me was silent and unmoving. I could still smell that offensive smell. I was readying myself to tear round to the hall to the “home” area when a hand grabbed my arm.

The End

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