Chapter 3 (part 6)



He had caught the Wolv’s last thought when her guard dropped a little. Earlier, when Kirby was walking away, Kane could hear them talking in voices that even we struggled to hear.

From the extracts he heard, the Keynes’ were going to make trouble. How could they be that stupid? Letting those boys come to Chilton for school was a hard decision to make. Instinct says to guard the territory and boundaries so planned breaches were quite rare. When Wolvero accepted the request, hard conditions were put in place which some say implies that Keynes is weaker than Chilton. Although the Keynes alpha, Jarek, held honour very highly, he was still a good alpha; he wanted his younger ones to get a good education and, from experience, the schools in that area weren’t exactly satisfactory.

So, Jarek had requested that some of the children were granted access to Chiltern territory so they could go to school. The conditions were that they were not allowed to stay in the area after or before school hours and that they answered to Wolvero as their figure of authority when in our territory. They also promised to not cause trouble or disrupt the frail peace between each pack.

If Kirby was out to cause trouble, it would be both dangerous for him and for our pack.

The evening was drawing in and, as Christmas drew nearer, the nights grew longer. Street lamps had started turning on each side of the road and hundreds of cars lined up and down it, trying to get home before it got too dark. The freezing air fogged up every time Kane breathed out.

A strong peppery smell drifted on the bitingly cold wind; black pepper and straw.

They were still in Elsbury. By now, their minibus should have been half way to Keynes, even in this traffic, yet Kane could smell the distinct contrast of scents in the air.

What are they doing?

The End

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