Chapter 3 (part 5)

My table were in too much shock for them to be good company right now so I paced to the year 11’s table. They too were looking at me with a mixture of awe and astonishment. Some people were gaping as if I had just asked Kirby to marry me!

I sat down by Ryan, one of us, and released a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding. The first word that was spoken was by Flo. “...Wow!”

As if this declaration broke the spell, everyone started talking at once; some spoke fast about how stupid I was, one Ryan was congratulating my aforementioned stupidity and the other grinned at me wolfishly. Yes, there are two Ryans; of them, Ryan Charlie, was one of my closest friends. The other, Ryan Blake, is a real sweetie. He does come and visit the Casa Lobo once and a while but, apart from in school, I don’t see him much.

I turned to him as he said, “That was blooming brilliant!”

“They were warned,” I replied. “And I didn’t want Oli to be on the receiving end of those guys.”

Flo’s short hair bobbed a little as she nodded. “I know! They are such bullies! Poor guy, what’s his name, Oli?”

Ryan C raised a sharp eyebrow at me. “How do you know that boy?”

I realised suddenly that I had only met him properly two days ago, at the Moonlit, where he tried to guess who I was. I barely knew this boy who I was suddenly very defensive of.

Shaking myself, I replied, “Oh, he went to my old school and we both go to Scouts together.” Whatever people say about it, Scouts is the highlight of my week.

As the chatter started up again, I looked back where I had come and saw that Oli hadn’t moved. He stood there, stock still, staring at me. He looked away when I saw him and walked briskly in the other direction.

Why is he so fascinated by you? Ryan B shocked me when he used the ment, due to his refusal to make use of this link in normal circumstances.

I shook my head a little. Closing off my mind to everyone but Ryan, I replied with my own question. Do you feel anything strange about him?

Ryan’s forehead creased as he thought about it. He... it’s like he draws me towards him. It’s frustrating.

I made a worried expression as I turned back to face him. First I, then our people at the Moonlit and now the boys from Keynes could feel the odd atmosphere surrounding Oli.

I didn’t know what to make of it, but all I knew was that I needed to keep an eye on the Oli and the Keynes' for now.

The End

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