Chapter 3 (part 2)


Walking through the side door into the main corridor was like stepping into a sauna. All the radiators were on full and all windows and doors were closed which was complete bliss. The brothers seemed to absorb the newfound heat and their skin turned back to a comfortable complexion. The corridor was empty except from another early-bird year seven piling his many bags and coats into his locker. Sam’s locker was on the right, near to the science block, and Kane’s was in the tower block, on the left.

“See ya at break bro,” called Kane over his shoulder.

“Bye Kane!” Sam shouted back as he strolled away from him.

The tower block was quite wide and three stories high which meant a lot of stairs. Four flights of stairs later, Kane was on the second floor walking to classroom T21. It was rubbish to have a locker in a classroom but at least there wasn’t as much crowding as in the corridors outside.

After putting away his bag, Kane slid down some of the banisters down to the bottom floor. He sensed that Sam had already found the other small ones and were mucking about in one of the year 7 form rooms. Kane turned to go to the courtyard to search for some of his friends and he walked straight into Oli.

He had known he was close because he felt the same need to be close as he had on Sunday at “The Moonlit”. In the dim morning light, he was pale he had his hands in his trouser pockets. Although he had clearly also walked to school in the cold, Kane felt heat radiating from him as if he had just been in a heated car.

“Hey,” Oli spoke, which surprised Kane as he didn’t know him well and he came across as the type who didn’t talk to strangers.

“Morning. You’re Oliver right?” He glanced at Oli’s face to study his reaction. Suddenly, as he looked into his eyes, he felt an instinct telling him to look away. He tried to resist; that reaction was reserved for one person only. Feeling rather startled, he noted his appearance, “Aren’t you freezing?” Kane had worn a thick coat walking in. Oli wore nothing but his school uniform.

“Nah, I’m quite warm actually,” he replied and started to move round Kane.

“Wait!” He wasn’t sure why he wanted to talk to this odd boy; the boy that made Kane want to submit, the boy who gave him a headache just by being near to him.

“I’m sorry; I need to do some homework. See ya’ around.” Oli turned his back on him and strode down the corridor and out of sight.

The End

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