Chapter 3 (part 1)



Kane walked to school every day. Sam usually walked, as he was today, but he sometimes took the bus with Wolv and the other kids. He always said that it was cold outside and walking was boring but Kane believed that nothing was better than strolling beside a congested road, laughing at the people stuck in traffic and listening to his iPod. No school, no Wolv (well, as close to free from her as possible) and less of the pesky thoughts that floated from everyone’s heads. Relaxation helped with that.

Being mentally linked with other people means that he would never be alone again and there was always somebody to help him out. However, it was a drawback when you wanted some privacy. Nearly all of them, the small ones in particular found it hard to contain the stream of thoughts to their own heads and some just couldn’t, such as Jonathan...

A loud roaring from behind broke Kane’s relaxed state and he turned to look over his shoulder. The big, blue bus that the others caught sped past them. The other small ones made faces out the windows and Sam made faces back which made Kane laugh. It soon vanished round a corner.

The centre of town would usually be packed in the mornings but a road between Milton and Elsbury past the Casa Lobo had been blocked by an accident. Kane had heard from a friend of his that it wasn’t an accident and the person who was driving ran straight at a boy crossing the road to school. It was just a weird rumour so he thought little of it. But, because of the clearer roads, Wolv and the others were going to get to school 10 minutes earlier than them which put Kane in a bad mood.

After what seemed like hours of walking in the cold, dark morning through the centre of town, Kane finally saw the school down Oxford road. “Finally! My fingers are gonna fall off in a second.”

“Well that’s why I get the bus.” Sam was rubbing his red nose in an attempted to bring life back into it. “No sane person walks in the cold.”

“Well I thought that because it’s close to that time again that we would be immune to the cold.” Kane checked the calendar on his iPod. “I guess if it’s too cold for us, it must be like a freezer for normal people.”

Sam growled in distaste and started blowing warm breath up his nose. “I’m definitely getting the bus next time,” he grunted.

The End

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