Chapter 2 (part 3)



I had just finished my fifth egg-splosion (I didn’t think it was that funny either) and I surveyed the table. Kane had gone to make more eggs on demand. Bits of toast and a few blobs of butter were scattered here and there near to the boys’ end and a platter of bacon was placed in front of Regan, whose head looked a lot better after just 10 minutes. Young Jazz was sitting next to him trying to steal pieces of bacon without him noticing. Her long blonde hair kept touching his bare arms so she found it more challenging to go unnoticed. The three boys were playing tick-tack-toe on the paper table cloth and intellectual Jamie was winning easily. His floppy brown hair fell over his eyes when he stopped to think about his next move and he stuck out his tongue in concentration. Kane came back into the room with more eggs and sat down next to Sam.

Anyone could tell at first sight that Kane and Sam weren’t blood related. Sam had short spiky blonde hair and was whiter than the freshly cooked eggs being passed round the table. Kane was of either African or Jamaican descent with an afro that he refused to grow out in Jamie’s style; we all thought it would look amazing on him. They act like and say they are brothers because, when I found Sam in the snow five years ago, it was Kane who brought him back to life. They became inseparable ever since.

After a second, I realised there were a few of people missing. I checked on the house’s emotional status.

“I’m just going upstairs to see if the others want breakfast,” I told everyone when I stood up. I sensed two people in the living room and two upstairs. I knew that the people in the living room were a couple of year nine boys who were just finishing off a homework project they had to hand in on Monday so I went upstairs to check on the last two people.

The End

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