Chapter 2 (part 2) v. long!


The morning started off fairly drearily. He knew it was nearly about 7 in the morning but this easy-going Saturday looked like it started at 5 o’clock which, of course, made him want to stay in bed. The late November sunrises started later and later which ruined his sleep pattern. His beautiful vision was shattered once he was jumped on by a very loud puppy and a louder ‘little brother’ called Sam who both half sat, half lay on his chest panting heavily. Kane understood this as: get up and make us breakfast. So, he had no choice in the matter.

Now, here he was, surrounded by three hungry little boys, a husky puppy and crispy bacon, dozens of eggs and plates of slightly overdone toast. The salty smell of the meat held the boys in a trance and the puppy food on the side held the gaze of the husky.

The boys breathed in simultaneously and sighed contently. The slight boy on the right of Sam tore his eyes away from the cooking and went to the dog crate to feed his puppy. The metal crate crashed loudly as the pup tumbled into it, ready to be served. For a stray dog, he had a lot of characteristics that were the same as Sam’s. Due to that fact that this young dog was like Sam’s ‘other half’, he was given a very original name: Wolf.

Kane looked up from an egg that had exploded all over the pan when he heard a noise from the garden. The small glass door on the left of the stove was wide open due to the warm spell that Chiltern was experiencing and the smell of ripe pears wafted in with the gentle breeze. The pines in the massive forest at the end of the garden were swaying lightly, bringing a sense of homely security.  The living room on the right of the patio blocked Kane’s view so he could not see any disruption in the enormous green space outside. Then he saw the cause of the commotion. Wolvero and Regan were racing up the garden towards the kitchen at top speed. Wolv, in front as usual, was laughing and jeering at Regan who was really working to keep up.

Sam and the other two boys turned their attention to the mini 100 metre sprint event and started cheering and whistling.

As Wolvero jogged up the steps that led to the glass kitchen door, Regan picked up speed and tried to over-take by jumping the steps. However, he jumped too high and he hit his very blonde head on a branch of the pear tree that bent over the top of the steps in an arch shape. By the time he hit the patio, Wolv had already reached the twelfth step and sprinted over to the open kitchen door and was leaning against it, grinning like a cub.

“You’re getting better Re,” she panted. “But jumping the steps is something even the small ones know will end badly!” The boys in question were laughing at Regan’s expense and someone else was standing at the living room window on Kane’s right, laughing her pink socks off.

“Ouch man!” Kane shouted out the door. “I can see the lump on your head from here.” A large tennis ball sized lump had started forming on Regan’s head and he poked it with his index finger while trying to stagger to his feet. Wolv ambled towards him and offered him a hand. As Regan got up, she lightly prodded the now bruising lump and chuckled saying, “You’ll be fine, that’ll be gone in the by the time we’ve eaten.”

“Are you sure? Ow!” Regan moaned. “It hurts worse than being bitten by Jazz.”

Kane could here afore-mentioned Jazz shouting from the other room, “You’re such a baby! Being bitten by me is MUCH worse than that and if you think otherwise, I’ll bite you again just to show you!”

“Oi, give it a rest Jasmine.” Wolv stepped back from Regan and inclined her head to look in his eyes. “Trust me. I bet you Sam’s Wolf that it will be gone by the time we’ve finished breakfast.”

Hey! Sam’s eyes, yellow with emotion, stared out of the kitchen door with a mixed look of shock and anger that made Kane want to laugh.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sam!” Wolv walked over to Sam and gave him a hug. He hugged her back and started to sniff. “I was just jokin’ okay? I won’t do it again.”

Sam leaned back and looked back at her with a very different expression on his face. I forgive you Alpha. It sounded so out of place to hear a young boy forgiving his superior and his confused expression showed that he thought so too.

Feeling that the moment was diving from moving to awkward, Kane spoke up. “These exploding eggs aren’t going to eat themselves you know.”

The tension dissipated as quickly as it came and everyone laughed. The boys ran with plates to the dining room on the other side of the hall outside and Wolv helped Kane to bring in the crispy bacon and eggs. Kane smiled as he looked over at Regan who was looking at his reflection the in window. Wolv was right; the lump already looked less tennis ball sized and more like a golf ball. Woah, Regan was musing quietly.We really do heal fast.

The End

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