Destined to be Wolf

My daydreams have always fascinated me (especially when I have nothing else to be fascinated about *stats*). Therefore, I decided to write down this story about the latest battle between werewolves and vampires. Clique I know but it's what my mind came up with.

Their scent was burning my nose as we crept round the stone building. The walls were colder than the night as I pressed myself up against them. Leaning round the corner, Oli accessed the situation. The strong winds was blowing towards us so their smell was almost unbearable but, most importantly, they could not smell us. 

Oli was wide-eyed and shivering with the effort of staying in control of himself. “They’re lined along the front and side entrance. There isn’t any other way of reaching them.” The wind changed direction slightly and we darted back behind the wall.

“I know. I know.” There was no chance of sneaking in through the side door. But we couldn’t be beaten. Not now. “There must be other options.” I peeked round the corner of the wall just to see for myself how trapped they were. At first, a dead, blackened tree was all I could see. It was situated about 20 yards in front of the 13th century archway that stood above the main oak doors. The arch looked menacing in the dark but I knew that was where our goal was. Motionless figures stood lined up around the archway. Not one of them was less than 3 feet from the walls as if the very stone was electric. Each of them were on the lookout for something; us.

“Well?” whispered Oli.

Gulping, I said, “There are two options. We could climb onto the roof and try to rip a hole in the roof which would leave us vulnerable for a few minutes. Definitely long enough for one of them to jump up and kill us.”

Oli, shaking his head, spoke slowly, “And the last option?”

“The last option…” The sky above us was overcast but I could still make out the light of the waxing moon shining through the clouds. I stared up at that patch of silver sky. “…is for one of us to distract them enough to break the line. The other would run through the gap and through the archway. They won’t be able to reach you there.”

Oli gaped at me as he processed what I’d said. “You can’t go out there! You’ll never survive!”

“We have to try. I’m fast and I can see their movements so I have a chance. You wouldn’t last two seconds against so many of them.” Without another pause, I made my choice. “On my count: one…”

“Oh my g...!”

“…two…” I had one second to come up with a strategy to lead them away from the arch. “…three!” Leaping out from behind the wall, I made a dash for the tree. Instantly, the figures sprung into action, dashing towards me in a movement so fast that, to anyone else, they would have been almost invisible. They moved with deadly grace and I felt clumsy in my very human form. Almost all at once, I was upon them, jumping over the silent sentinels as I tried my hardest to reach the tree. In my mind, I could see Oli leaping onto and over a small figure close to the wall, pushing him into the stone. I could hear the hiss of skin burning and the hiss of a very angry creature but Oli had already got up the steps to the oak door to safety. I looked around and I swerved to avoid a dark shape ahead. Turning back on myself, I sped to the looming arch as figures leaped to try and catch me. I can make it there, I thought, they can’t stop me. Even then, they closed around in a solid wall; blocking my way to salvation. I skidded to a stop as a tight circle of blackness was formed around me.

I crouched into fighting mode as they closed in.

The End

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