Searching for the lost treasure in the jungle to bring back to his true lovve Mathilda,Ibo Bantula got lost himself.

Actually, he was supposed to lose his way.. because Martilda had planned everything.. Does it sound like she is a witch? No one can judge her.. You guys should hear previous story about them.

Bantula' father was a very rich man. He had a castle in Poland. That was just a vacation house! Besides, his father was a kind of generous person.. but.. there is one thing he made mistake, Bantula. yeah. He grew up in gorgeous circumstances.  Whenever he needed something, he could get everything.

One day. when he passed through a village, he notice that a beutiful girl was crying. He fell in love her at first sight!! It was their cruel destiny!! He thought  " I need to bring her to my house." so he started  planning.. and then he found out her parents needed lots of money to get some land for cultivating.  So, he asked his father to lend the money to the girl's parents. At first, his father,James, didn't want to do that. but Bantula never gave up. He begged and begged James, and finally his father decided to do it because he thought his son wanted to help poor people..

Bantula said " I will deliver a good news to them!! thanks Daddy!!"

but..he is not a kind of coscience person or helping people.

Bantula gave girl's parents contract adding one codition which is that if you won't pay back, you should pay back by your daughter as my slave.

The End

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