The darkness falls

Deeply enveloping me.

I open my mouth

Trying to scream

But no sound escapes

Trapped in by this loneliness

I feel so desolate.

A deep pain I feel,

But no release

This pain consumes

Ever growing.

The darkness surrounds me,

I cannot see.

I feel the light of day

Burning my shoulders

But it lights this darkness not.


This darkness will be the end of me.

I squint my eyes

I open them wide

Yet nothing I see

Prevented by this darkness

Surrounding me.

Crushing me

I cannot breathe

The darkness leaves no room for my growth

How much time do I have left?

Death is only a matter of time,

I know

For sooner or later

This darkness consumes all.

No life can resist.

So fall now into this pit

This darkness

Let it take you too

There is no escape from this horrible darkness. 


The End

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