The Loveliest Way to Die

I'm that question that keeps you up at night, the depression that forces you to cry yourself to sleep.

I'm the sick feeling you get, the loneliness that consumes your heart.

I'm the anxiety that keeps you from that dream, your lack of courage and strength.  I eat up your energy, drain your life, drink your blood.

I'm that feeling that keeps you wondering:

Would they care if I disappeared?
Vanished into thin air?
Would they care if I slit my wrist,
Closed the story with a twist?
Would they care if I flew away,
Off to find a better day?
Would they notice that I'm gone,
Would they realize it by dawn?


I'm Death, beckoning and calling you to me, singing a gentle melody. Come closer, let me touch you.  Let me rape your soul and leave you.

I'm the loveliest way to die.

The End

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