I am desire. That isatiable thirst for power, the undying hunger for love. Tremble with fear and awe. Kneel before me, feel my wrath.

I burn and scorch your heart; I rip through your flesh.

I am desire.  That dire, unwavering need, that plague that kills innocence. Children quake and shake, nightmares of me infect your dreams.

I'm the cancer with no cure. Only death can stop me.  Bow down before me, surrender to me.

I am desire.  That false pretense, the flame that kindles hope. Know my name, feel my strength. Raise the white flag, compose your nineth symphony.

I conduct the end, I orchestrate your fate.

I am desire. Know me, Fear me, Need me, Love me. I am desire. I know your heart's deepest wishes, I grant you opportunities.

But be ware. Fore I am desire, and I am lethal. Know me, Love me, Need me, but do NOT trust me.

I snap your neck, I rip your bones from your body.

I befriend you, then betray you.

I am desire. I'm the virus that infects and kills you.  but your blood is not on my hands.

I bend and twist your soul until it is shattered and broken, but I never lay a hand on you.

Give in to me and seal your fate. Knot the noose around your neck, press the barrel to your chin and pull the trigger.

I'm desire, and I'm guilt free.

And when you enter through the gates of Hell, empty handed-- with nothing to show for your blood lust and lack of mercy, I will laugh at you and scorn you.

Because the joke has always been on you.

The End

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