Just something I wrote to try and get over writers block. I don't know whether I'll continue it or not...

Amelia tossed the sheets off of the bed and groaned, pulling herself up to inspect where the strange, loud, buzzing noise that had disturbed her Sunday morning lie-in was coming from. She wondered from room to room of her house, listening into each room as she came to it. However the noise was as loud in one room as it was in the next, and she resigned herself to putting up with the noise and trying to sleep with it there.

She awoke again a few hours later. The noise had not left; instead it had amplified. It was louder, more irritating and more painful than it had previously been. Amelia scrunched her face up in discomfort. She threw her hands to her ears, trying to block out the sound. Instead of being quietened, the noise persisted, as though her hands were only trapping it.

Amelia sat down on her bed and sighed. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, letting the breath out slowly through her nose. She cleared her mind of all other thoughts and concentrated solely on the noise. Slowly the buzzing of a million voices quietened and only one voice could be heard.

The voice spoke quietly and softly, in an almost childish tone. There was a slight playfulness in the voice and it sounded almost songlike,“Oh come and save us, won’t you come and save us, we are drowning, won’t you save us, we are drowning”

Amelia focused all of her energy on the voice. She felt herself falling slowly through the air where the bed had once been. The wind whipped in her hair and ruffled her clothes and she was falling. Falling so fast towards the ground. And there was screaming. Screaming louder than Amelia had ever heard. Screaming all around, filling her ears and emptying her lungs. Dust and sand flew around her.

Amelia opened her eyes and gasped. She dropped gently to the ground, like a feather fallen from a high above bird. She took a deep breath in and out. The first thing to hit her was the unforgiving heat that beat down on her back. She looked around herself, taking in the surroundings.

She had been transported to a desert. Sand surrounded her. The only thing she could smell was the heat. The screaming had stopped, and so had the voice. She took another deep breath in and out, trying to reconnect herself with the voice, but to no avail. She sighed and thought back to what she had heard before.How could anyone be drowning in a desert?was the first thought to pop into her head.How is that possible?

“Amelia?” called a voice from behind her and she swivelled on her heel, turning to face a man she knew only too well. He grinned at her, revealing a gap where he’d had a tooth knocked out in the past. She smiled back and moved over to him, pulling him into a tight hug.

“How are you, Rob?” Amelia said as they pulled away from the hug. Rob frowned and shook his head.

“There’s no time for that, Amelia,” he said, taking her by the arm and walking away, “Come on, I’ll fill you in on the way.”

The End

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