Head towards the glint.

Hugging Hillary to his chest to limped in towards the glint of light, his sandals swinging from his hair with each lurching step. Dreaming of the riches he would find when he reached the light, he failed to notice the 5* holiday complex off to his left through the palm trees.  He failed to hear the salsa beat coming from the cocktail bar and the sound of splashing from the hotel pool.  

Hillary waggled her little legs, trying to break the spell the glint of light had woven over him, but it was no good. He gripped her more firmly to his chest and started humming out of tune hits from the 70’s.

The light had caught him in its evil beam and was drawing him onwards towards a rope bridge over a bottomless crevasse.

Hillary was not impressed! She wanted a pina colada and a side serving of lettuce.

The End

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