A story about what it is to be young, foolish, and free

Danyl followed behind Everly-Rose like she held all of the secrets of the world, and one might spill out for him to catch. She glared at him, and his limp Mohawk. It sagged like the fin of an orca trapped in captivity. His eyes were wide, and dilated. She might joke to herself that his eyes looked as such because he was perma-fried (a term for people destined to be forever stoned), but she knew that not to be true. He was a wild thing, always had. In the Economics class they both went to at the University of the Desert, he would bounce in his seat, impatient to get on with the next set of knowledge. Hungry, and keen, maybe more so than most.

            “Ev,” Danyl said, “where are you going in such a hurry?” She continued to glare at him. He was going to walk home with her again, whether she wanted him to or not.

            “Home,” she said. Succinct was good. It gave him no room to worm his way in. “Alone.”

            “Not a chance,” he said with a goofy grin.

They walked side by side in silence. Everly-Rose kept her eyes on the road and staring up into the sky at the palm trees as they passed by, one by one. Her sunglasses became slippery against her nose. It was the beginning of a long weekend. One of the first of the year when the sun shone down on California hot enough to breathe life into everything. Everly-Rose took off her sweater, and Danyl wiped at his brow, his eyes still trying to catch hers’.

“Ok! Ok! What’s the plan?” Everly-Rose almost shouted. Danyl smiled in that devilish way, and kept walking. They were almost back at the dorms. Everly-Rose had no idea why she’d agreed to a mixed-dormitory. Maybe she just felt that way because she had become stuck with the most ridiculous, silly, inane young man on campus. Once they had both dropped their bags, and lay on their beds. Danyl spoke, looking up at the ceiling.

“We’re going to Orocopia.”

“I don't think so, not this year...” Everly-Rose said, turning to look at him. It was hot, and Danyl stood to open the window.

“You’ve got it in you Ev, I know you do,” he said, thinking back to last year. A breeze drifted in through the open window and Danyl sat back down. “Jerrod is going, so I am going. And because I’m going, you’re going.” It was said so simply. Like Danyl’s word was law. “Besides, I bought many good things from Shady-Steve” (a nick-name Everly-Rose had come up with herself for Danyl’s dealer) “and we’re not going to sit in our unbearably hot and small room and do these many good things by ourselves, now, are we?” Everly-Rose fought against Danyl like they were oil and water. In some ways, they were. They had nothing in common as far as interests were concerned, and they fought like siblings. However, they also knew each other sometimes better than they knew themselves. Danyl knew Everly-Rose wanted to go to the party of the year, and Everly-Rose knew he knew that. She simply stared at him, a coy smile hiding in the corner of her mouth. Danyl beamed.

“What are you going to wear?” Everly-Rose looked at him. As much as she enjoyed dressing up, the kind of things she was going to wear to Orocopia was something she let Danyl decide on. Danyl didn’t stop to listen to suggestions Everly-Rose made, but got right to work. He already knew what he wanted her to wear, but he made a show of trying to decide, looking back at her with one eyebrow raised.

In the end he ‘decided’ on something simple. He had a bikini that he’d found on sale last year in Forever 21. It was this soft mix of pinks and reds. He then pulled out a pair of thick sleeves meant for the calves. They too had the mix of reds and pinks, it was a layer upon layer of tulle that stacked into a strange large stocking to be worn like leg warmers. To wear overtop of the bikini he took out a thigh length top that was white knit. It was almost completely see through, and very light. To top it all off he produced a large and stunning plastic rose that he’d jacked from a Michael’s last week.

“There” he said, as he lay the costume out in front of her. “You’ll go as a rose, my beautiful Everly-Rose.” Everly-Rose smiled at her goofy-wonderful roommate. She hastily put it on, secretly loving the effort he’d put into creating this perfect outfit for her. He gave her a scarlet red lipstick to put on, and large fake eyelashes. He pinned up her hair to the side and stuck the rose there amongst the bobby pins. “I’ll never stop being jealous of your beauty,” Danyl said to Everly-Rose as he made the finishing touches. She blushed.

“What are you doing to wear Danyl?” she asked. He scurried back to his closet and threw his clothes off.

“There isn’t much I can wear without looking like some prancy gay queen of the faggys...” he said bitterly. If he could, he would wear whatever he dressed Everly-Rose in, but he did not enjoy the cajoling that came with it. “But hey, I’ll look hot anyhow…” he said, as he quickly put on a black corduroy vest that showed off his bare chest, and a pair of very tight black shorts. He sprayed his flaccid Mohawk with a colored hair spray. Within moments his hair came to life, and it stood nearly five inches off his head in a purple mane of splendor. “See?” He went to the set of speakers they had split the cost of and turned on some music. He turned up the bass as deep as he could, and then went to stand next to the window to light a cigarette. “Jerrod’s going to be here in a little while with some subway and his tent. Don’t fuck anybody in it this time will ya?” Danyl said, and Everly-Rose blushed again.

She thought about last year at Orocopia. It had started innocently with a single tab of E and a dare to shot gun two beers in a row. That year she wore a tight and bright tube top and what Danyl called ‘booty-booty-yeah’ shorts that were so short the pockets hung out at the back. Danyl had set up a palace of sorts in his boyfriend Jerrod’s tent. There were pillows and blankets, and a battery attached to a light that shot rainbows in every direction. The dare had come from a young man named Adam who wore this long oversized tank top, board shorts with naked women on them, and a pair of sunglasses that was made of plastic lines and no more. Not really sunglasses at all. Under the frat-boy look was a tanned and fit body that she felt herself longing for.

Within the hour she was in the tent with Adam, tearing at his clothes. He tugged off her shorts sloppily, and began to finger her with two thick digits. Maybe it wasn’t the most romantic of moments, but the ecstasy made the moment perfect. She could smell him, hear him, see him, and feel him from every part of her being. The rainbow light that shone through the tent only added to the bliss, making the moment seem intergalactic, or some ridiculous unearthly adjective of sorts. She was so wet that Adam lapped at her pussy to collect some of her honey-sweet cunt. She could never quite explain it afterwards… but when he entered her it was like he was caressing her very soul. Every thrust had been an orgasm within itself. As he grabbed hold of her ass to pull himself deeper inside of her, she felt like she had reached heaven. Many men experience a kind of ‘whiskey-dick’ when on drugs, but not Adam. They spilled sweat and seamen all over Danyl’s tent with a vigour that the surrounding tents were in awe of. They fucked every way Adam could think of, repeating countlessly a position where he held onto Ev with one arm and fingered her ass with the other. When they grew tired Ev launched herself over top of Adam, mouthing his cock until his balls were pressed against her chin. The E made it feel heavenly for Ev, and she couldn’t help but bob up and down fervently. Within minutes Adam was coming onto her open lips. When Adam chose to pleasure Ev with his own mouth, she too came quickly, and her orgasm sprayed like water. By the end, the tent was uninhabitable, and even though Danyl had planned on doing the very same things, maybe even dirtier things, he was still very upset with her.

The End

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