Arora charmwood

my hands trembeled as I tock the letter from my fathers ruff hands I opened my mouth to thank him but no sound came out as it was stuck in my throught. I closed my mother swalled hard to get read of the bump that was caught there clearing my throught I tryed again. 'th, tha, thank you, fa, I mean dad' I studder silintly he grunted as my father dose not often use words to exspess himself.

I felt the smoth soft package in my hands runing my hands over the words on the frount in beautiful long lean curved writting actule writing not just chiken scrach on a page but curcive. It was beautful I had never seen my name writen so beautifully no one I new had that clean beautful writing, only one thing was posibel it must have been done by magic and not hand. I turnd over the pakage in my hands my palmes sweating profucly why was I so nervice everyone got there letter on there thirteenth birthday.

But there were seven schools two the best in the country and only one that was the best in the world, one my grandfather had help founded, there was no doubt that my magic line whent back so far and was full of purebloods there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to this one school MAGYK hall.

I tock a deep breath then an other and an other letting the air fill and empty out of my lunges as I piked at the tap on the back trying to peal it up with out taring the envolop. the pain in my chest and the heaving of my breathing got harder as I got the envolop open. I stared at the now opend envolope for a few minits that felt like eternaty to me and then the thought fliked in my head what if... What if I wasent exsepted into magyk hall my father would beat me again I would have to lie to him about it it was the only way I stared at the envolope it got harder to breath and painful to force the breath in and out of my lunges it was like everything shut off every in my body begain to shut down. I closed my eyes tock a deep breath and held it I wasent going to get into magyk hall I just new it I wasent going to get in and then I would have to pay it was bad enought I was a girl but now I wasent going to get into the school my ancistors had helped found. 

'well' said my mother inpashintly taping her foot on the flour tap tap tap it dug into my skull. the sound fludding into my head and etching it's patern onto my very tishue into my very core. 'well open it or are you just going to stare at it forever' said my mother bringing me back to myself I pulled out the letter holding my breath. 

dear ms. A. Charmwood                                                                                                                              first of all we would like to wish you a very happy birthday and hope your day and your year will be the best yet. secondly we would like to exsept you in to our great school Magyk hall.

I leat out a breath not bothering to read the rest of the card 'well' said my father I jumped at hearing his corse gruff voice it duge into my skin and burnd my ear drums. 'MAGYK hall' I breath with a smiled and you know what happened next my father hugged me my father had done a lot to be before but he had never hugged me my mother smiled and kissed the top of my head 'thats my girl' she said 'we will selibrat to night' 'I'll be home for seven thirty we'll go out for supper, I have to go now darling, I'm late for work I'm shere the boys will understand seeing as it's your thirtenth' said my father then kissed my head and then my mothers cheak.

everything would be ok I just new it would all be ok I would get away from this not even near "perfict family" that everyone thought we were. I would get away and then what go into my grandfathers house skynex become just like them cold and mean and hate everyone and then leave school with perfict marks and be subjected to marry someone I didnt love to bare his child and work a rimidel boring job. I would be justlike everyother chane in my family like everyother women who I was related to I would go to school to skynex to be cold and hard I didnt want that I just didnt want it at all.

I went up to my room and wrote back to magyk hall thanking them deeply for the hounor of being exsepted into there grand and amasing school.

I went up to the owlry and piked out the best big brown barn owl I could wispering the letters and numbers of the emailing coad and then sent hermys on her way.

The End

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