Sight, Scent, Taste, Touch of Love

As he held me close, after me being upset and bullied that day, it felt like pure bliss. It was an impossible love. No one knew, and no one could. Him, the one with the good grades, the one who was constantly followed by a gaggle of girls, squaking and squealing his name. Me, the one with no partner in class, the one who get pushed over when walking down the stairs to lesson.

As he held me close, on the roof of the school building, letting me sob into his shoulder, he who was adored and wanted, for the squaking, squealing girls to be rejected with the same line. "I'm with an angel."

I held him close, leaning my head on his shoulder, letting my hands link round his neck, feeling the soft hair tickle my fingers, tangling them in. I felt his hands rubbing my back gently, one hand brushing my hair from my face gently, stroking my hair, giving me shivers.

He pulled back for a moment, looking into my eyes, pentrating me from the inside out. His gentle blue eyes hand tiny dots of darkness within, his longish hair whipping round his face. I pushed it away softly.

I buried my face in his hair, inhaling the scent of honey and spice. The wind blew again, and smells drifted on the wind. I smelt rose, and lavender, and other cents I loved so, but not so much as the scent of him.

Then lo! He pulled back, staring into my eyes again, before placing a hand on my cheek, stroking softly, the whispering wind dancing with leaves behind and around us. He lips met mine, and blissful oblivin took over. He toungue tangled with mine, and I savoured the taste of him, spicey yet sweet to the core.

-------A Week Later ------

I sat with him, on the roof again. He stood to leave, but slipped, and fell. He fell, down down, over the edge. Everything seemed to slow. I watched in horror, as his body crashed to the ground. I looked down at him, tears in my eyes once more. I stood back, and leapt off, down down I went, feeling, hearing my bones snap with his. I pulled myself closer with an arm, holding him close. He opened one bleary eye. His sweet smelling hair whipped around, confused. His fingers twitched, longing to reach out. His arm slid round me, and I stayed there. He died that night. Before he did, he handed me a letter. His last words to me were given as it was pushed into my hand.

I love you.

My Dearest Love,

Look into your pocket, for lay inside,

Be som'thing for thee, till the day I die,

Tis' for you forev'r, tis' all true,

since you're my only, and I love you.

I looked inside my pocket, and in a drawstring bag, lay a tiny silver chain, with tiny pendant to match. The pendant was small, but the impact was large. T'was nout but a tiny locket, in the shape of a silver heart. As it opened, revealed a picture inside. Was him and I sat together, laughing side by side. Around the tiny picture, were diamonds set with care, and my love watched me close it, place it round my neck, with a glassy stare. I kissed his lips so tenderly, and whispered within. Next day they found his body, along with my own, entertwined together, but came a single groan.

I was nearly dead, pulled from his cold arms, by one of his gaggle herself. She gazed upon the locket, smiling softly down. She stood me up, taking off the necklace. I could stand, despite my broken bones? T'was then I noticed the wings on the girl's back, white and pure. I looked behind me, and saw through a tear, that my own beloved was standing quite near. The angel placed the pendant round my neck, my love holding me in his arms, we looked down at out bodies and others staring round. Spreading wings,  we sat upon the school roof once more, hand in hand. No one could see, yet so near, but, we noticed, for me, they shed no tear.

The End

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