Introduction to Rainbow Island

A youthful planet spun lazily on its axis, orbiting a yellow sun. At first glance, the inexperienced space explorer might think it was Earth. While quite similar, the planet of Comay, was much younger. So much younger that the land masses were scrunched together on one side, giving it a lopsided appearance.

There were no dinosaurs roaming about, for Comay had decided against that phase. No, instead man had colonized the land, building kingdoms and waging wars. The planet was almost sorry it had given up dinosaurs; almost.

What Comay had gained instead, and why it decided it didn’t want dinosaurs, was magic. Unfortunately the cruelty of man had squeezed Magic out of the mainland, forcing it to take up residence on a large Island.

Rainbow Island wasn’t the worst place to be forced to live. With a lush forest in the south and a rugged mountain range in the north sandwiching a fertile plain, it looked like an egg. An egg nestled in a cozy nest ready to hatch. Of course, the question was, what would it hatch. Comay was eager to find out, but the Island, with its signature Rainbow stretching across its width, was taking its time.

Growing a kingdom protectorate of magical creatures was no easy task; especially when those magical creatures had no interest in interaction. People had to be weeded out until the right balance of believers and nonbelievers was achieved. But the hardest part, the Island found, was finding one to lead them all and bring them all together.

Someone ordinary enough to be well liked and loved by the people and yet extraordinary enough to be well like and loved by Magic. Magic, of course, had its own ideas. It worked against the Island at almost every turn. That is until Princess Crystalina Valintina was born.

An odd mix of tomboy princess, she captured everyone’s heart. Her honesty and sincerity were real; as real as her belief in the magical. A belief she would not let shatter just because she was entering adulthood. An adulthood that was sure to involve ruling over the seven towns and a hundred farms, not to mention the one capital city and port, that Rainbow Island boasted. An adulthood that she was sure would include a royal marriage and pressure to produce an heir.

No despite all that, or perhaps because of it, Princess Crystalina vowed she would not give up her search for the magical. No, she would drag every willing body into her quest if she had to. She wanted to find Magic and surprisingly Magic found itself wanting to be found.

The End

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