It was dark. A gentle, soothing dark, a lulling dark. The skies were silk, satin even. A deep violet satin, fit with small shimmering moth holes dappling it betwixt the seams. It rippled and creased with the night winds, caressing the moon and nestling its star dusted serenity within folds of dusk. The breezes feverishly washed over the twilit dunes with a drunken glaze, sending drifting waves of sand and warmth across the cyan desert scene.
Dead center of the midnight canvas stood an oasis, a lush green sprout of opulent flora untouched by the dusty expanse. Towering palm trees gave shade from the Cimmerian black, the leaves interlocking in a verdant mesh; moonshine piercing through like needles and streaking across the pristine sluice bubbling from the roots of the topiary sentinels overhead. From the leaves hung an overturned terrarium, vines and blossoms shyly blooming as they stretched to meet the surface of the water. Ripples amplified and reverberated outward as tendrils of ivy licked the mirrored surface below.

The End

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