Husband? or Gatherer?

The next few days was quiet. Conversation was little, and laughs were hardly ever. Hope realised that Lucy and her father talked less than she did with him. It was hard, but she knew that it was adimint that she would have to go and leave, and soon.

"Yes" Lucy said half heartedly across the kitchen, she was washing up and having trouble with the greecy plates.
"Let me help" Hope said, sliding across the room as the floor was wet. "I was wondering"
"Why are you hiding me?" of course that caught Lucy off gaurd and the plate slipped trough her fingers and crashed on the floor.  "I'm sorry"
"Don't be, I know you have the right to know" Lucy bent down while Hope handed her a dust pan and brush. "You were about, um let me see, you were about four, and you had no memory of you parents what so ever, so I decided to keep you, it wasn't as if I had a child" Lucy paused, sweeping up the cracked and broken crocary, "But I was with a men at that time" she smiled fondly of that time,. "But it wasn't long until I knew he didn't like the idea, he was going to tell the athorities that I had two children, I screamed and protested, crying out louder and louder, but it wasn't any good" Lucy gasped out loud, her finger was bleeding, Hope bent down with a soft tissue to bandage it up, Lucy smiled her eyes shining slightly. " I had to leave, I had to bring you with me" she carried on, "So that night I left, I left him and brought you to my fathers house, I still had to keep you hidden just in case my, husband, described you. My father understood however, and let me stay a while, though the Gatherer's nocked on our door often, we hid you everytime, knowing that if you were found, they would take you away from me, just because you were someone else's child. " She paused again, her head tilting towards the door, hearing voices she softened her voice and whispered, "You see a child is not allowed to live if they have no mother and father too, it's all in this dam law, I know I could of said that you were mine, but I know he told them about me aswell, so I changed my name, and changed my ser-name, I knew this was also dangerouse, for me aswell. After a while I thought it was safe for you to come out of hiding, but of course when that happens something terrible always happens because of that thought, the Gatherers came, slammed the door open and stomped in like they owned the place, I had to thrush you into a cramped cupbourd, it was the only way you'd be safe, I heard you sniff and sob, and I wished you'd stop. They came into the kitchen, they said they knew I changed my sir-name, I was shaking by this time, but they only gave me a warning. They changed it back and left, but on the way out they said, your daughter is asking for you by the way, of course I was so confused, my husband hated me that much?
I tried to protest, I didn't have a daughter, but of course they listen to men far more than woman, and left me dumfounded. I knew then that it would be the most craziest thing to do if I let you out now. Because they believed my husband, sometimes I think he might of been a Gatherer, and maybe he's right, maybe I do have a daughter out there,that I don't know of, maybe he gave me a memory pill,they have them now. Stupidly enough I loved that man, but I know that if I see him again, I'll kill him" Lucy apprubtly stood up, her eyes were puffy and red, Hope hadn't seen her cry, or sniff, she was too busy looking at he kitchen's blake and white slabbed floor. Breathing hard Hope whispered, " And you can't let me out now?" Lucy looked down on her, shivering like they day the Gatherers had slammed open the door.
"No, they'll know" and that's all what she said.
All Hope heard was the soft clatter of shoes walking fast towards the door.

The End

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